1996: Gambia a Gomitoli

Sabato ho trovato Viaggiare Liberi, con i diari di Michele Spiriticchio: in copertina il resoconto del viaggio d’inizio anno in Senegal e Gambia. Dato che è la Giamaica d’Africa, ho cercato qualcosa in piu’…

Tra gli e-book di Mark Moxon c’è un diario “gonzo” del 2000, disponibile con licenza CC gratuita in PDF o nei formati per palmari. Qualche nota breve c’è da Elisabeth & Teije e su Geoff Travel Scrapbook.

Ma il racconto piu’ divertente è quello della Knitting Expedition nel ‘96:

It all starts via Internet. In spring 1996 both my mailingfriend and I were longing for a holiday. Both of us are mad about Africa and I remind him of the ridiculous low prices of a trip to the Gambia. If you book hotel and flight at the same time you get a reduction of 200 guilders. So the preparations can start from now on. Agreement in what we both find most interesting, buy maps and guides and locate the most deserted spot on the map which can hardly be discovered but will be rather difficult to be reached. Our fate is Fatoto, located far on the east-side, there where the Gambia almost ends, the river on its narrowest, no paved roads anymore and where real discomfort can start. What’s done is done.

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